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The original Swiss army bike, MO-05, a design classic. Introduced in 1905, and used by the Swiss Bicycle Infantry right through til the 1990s. The Infantry was phased out in 2001. But the defence department may not have fully appreciated the benefits of bike riding infantry men. A defence spokesman  interviewed about bringing back the infantry was quoted stating,

“Frankly, young Swiss men used to be fine specimens of manhood, but today many have let themselves go.  Our view, is that a Swiss soldier without rock hard buttocks, brings shame on the army.”

The reality was these men rode up to 200km per day, with packs on single gear, heavy bicycles, they were super fit!!

This beauty has had more than a few admirers since she entered the auction rooms last week.

Aside from the excellent condition of this bike, it has been the over engineering & attention to detail that has piqued our interest.

These bikes were designed to be versatile and robust. The original sprung leather seat, dynamo lamp, pump & luggage rack are all present and utilising every inch of space there is a bag to the front, document satchel with map compartment,  small leather tool pouch and for  goodness sake we even have the ORIGINAL key for the integrated rear wheel lock!!

The Swiss Army period cowhide back pack/rucksack  & helmet complete this special lot

The bicycle will be up for auction on Monday 11th September, with an estimate of £500-£600.

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