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House Clearance & Probates Dartmoor

Emerald Ring

Georgian 18ct Emerald & Diamond Ring. Found during a clearance. Sold for £1150

Why use Drake’s Auctions?

We offer house clearances in Dartmoor, covering Tavistock and surrounding areas of Devon. We believe everyone should receive fair market value for the contents of their property, and not pay someone to clear their house. We believe our house clearance offers the best possible service for several reasons:

  • Experienced valuers will deal with your items, ensuring nothing valuable is thrown away.
  • Transparency. All valuables are sold at our public auction house, with a full inventory from property to sale, so you know exactly what your items sold for and when.
  • Speed & Service. Our team routinely clears 4-5 bedroom houses in a single day. Perfect for tight completion deadlines.
  • Nothing to pay up front. We take everything & clear your property, sell your items & deduct the waste recycling fees. 9/10 times we pay you for clearing your house.
  • Legal disposal. We are Environment Agency registered to handle & dispose of household waste.

Sounds good. Where do we start?

Firstly we would book a no-obligation appointment to view your property. This will allow us to give you an estimate of clearance fees, including an idea of the value of the sellable items in the property. This appointment is completely free and allows us to assess your situation and discuss your needs for the clearance. From here there are 3 types of clearances we offer:

Sellable goods clearance. We identify, value & transport your sellable items to our sale room. We do this as cheaply as possible, and the cost of the haulage is taken off what your items make at auction. No upfront cost.

Vacant Property Clearance. Perfect for those end of tenancy or those moving house. We clear & dispose of unwanted & surplus furniture.

Full Property Clearance. Our speciality. We value the contents & disposal costs, send in a clearance & valuation team and completely clear your property. Sellable goods are sent to our auction house, waste is legally disposed of at a local commercial waste facility. Every care is taken during the clearance to salvage family ephemera or items that may have sentimental value, as well as identify items of value to be sent to our auction house. You can be assured nothing of value will be lost, as we take great pride in getting the maximum value out of the contents of your property.

Blighty Figure

Royal Doulton rare ‘Blighty’ figure. Sold £570

So what will it cost?

The cost of your clearance & how much money you make back entirely depends on the contents of your property. We try to be as accurate as possible with our initial estimation, but exactly what goods sell for at auction can be slightly tricky. We will help with putting on reserves on more valuable items, and grouping smaller items together to make a sellable lot. Below we have listed some basic costs to give you an idea of our charges for the sake of transparency:

General Mixed Waste: £195 per tonne

There are additional items which incur a charge when we take them to a local commercial waste facility. These are:

  • PC Monitors, PC terminals & TV’s: £25 each
  • Mattresses: £36 each
  • Printers, scanners etc.: £20
  • Microwaves, phones: £12
  • Gas bottles: £30
  • Fridges/Freezers: £72-96
  • Cookers, Washing machines: £30

(Prices updated 29/03/18, subject to change without notice).

We then charge a reasonable hourly rate for labour, and our commission on items sold through us is just 15%. Selling through our own sale room allows us to be highly competitive on our clearance costs, keeping the cost to you as low as possible.


More information

If you’d like to know more, or have a chat about your property clearance you can contact us in several ways;

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Email: info@drakesauctions.co.uk (or use the form below).

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